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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Individual lettuce plants are a good herb for acne removal

Acne No More
I believe individual lettuce plants are a good herb and can complete acne treatment and skin care can be effective for girls. Surely you and many others are well known because they are individual lettuce plants too familiar in your home garden. Moreover, it is also well known sterilization effect, improving resistance and cooling the skin.

Acne Treatment - Thus, the lettuce is useful in skin care and acne treatment at home. To do this, you apply hard mask lettuce fish 3 times / week okay because lettuce is also regarded as fish antibiotics, but you should not abuse them up with too much frequency.

Wash lettuce leaves a handful of fish in your garden is the best. If lettuce is not available, you can hold out for some shopping in the refrigerator until use. Then pound a handful of vegetables with a little salt. Then, forming a thick slices and apply on face.

Lettuce will help fight infection, improve skin resistance and cooling. In particular, we deflated and removed nodes swollen red pimples. For individual masks lettuce leaves to promote the use of its best, you should conduct them up before going to bed and leave them overnight. Health Program

Note should always clean the skin before and after fish lettuce mask. Next morning wake up, you can gently wash your face as usual, absolutely not rub too hard because they are suffering from acne face can hurt acne nodules are of you.

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