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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Acne No More - The scars caused by acne

I also have to remedy that heals the scars caused by acne. As has been repeatedly using simple remedies that I found this cheap lemon juice can help treat acne and scarring caused by acne effectively, even in the worst cases of acne can make me more pessimistic at best. Acne Treatment

Personally I always treat acne and the scars caused by acne on the face in 4 simple steps as follows: - Wash your face with a cleanser that you love the most. Then dry your face with soft cotton towels okay.

For a small amount of lemon juice in a small bowl - You just press a half teaspoon of lemon juice which is enough to treat the condition of your skin. Apply a cotton swab dipped in lemon juice. Then use a cotton swab is applied to all areas affected by acne on your face.

If you find it irritated skin may become more merciful lemon juice and water to retry the process. Use absorbent cotton rub lemon juice on acne or acne scars. Note: You can use your hands to squeeze or lemon juice. Health Program

However, you should wash your hands and avoid the oil and dirt from your fingers because it can cause infections to acne-prone skin. Hand washing and avoid the oil and dirt from your fingers because it can cause skin infections to acne.

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