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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Acne No More Reviews - Avoid allergies

In cases of individuals allergic to pollen, keep the windows closed during seasons with higher concentration of the same.

Avoid going out in the midday and afternoon, because in those times the concentration of pollen in the air is greater. No More Acne Program

• If you have asthma, do not smoke.

• Do not allow smoking in the house or near the individuals with asthma.

The drugs used are classified into two groups:

• Medications relief: those used during crises, to alleviate the symptoms. Consist primarily of bronchodilators, which have the function to open obstructed airways.

• Drugs control: are also called preventive. Are used every day and work on disease progression. Include anti-inflammatory and bronchodilators long period of action.

These drugs are generally administered as inhalation, through the famous firecrackers, but also by inhalers, which are more expensive.

In all cases, it is of utmost importance, the correct use of the device, to ensure that the drug actually reaching the lungs. Health Reviews

 In children and individuals with more difficulty, it is recommended the use of spacers, which facilitate application of the product.

We must emphasize once again that the goal of asthma treatment is not a cure, but control of symptoms, prevention of exacerbations, and maintenance of lung function tests as close to normal

The practice in normal activities and preventing the development of chronic obstruction and death from asthma.

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